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What is Summonent?

Summonent is an online digital trading card game where you take the role of a powerful summoner which can summon beings from different worlds and universes. Summoners are powerful wizards that not only use the traditional spells, but also summon creatures, use their weapon or even enchant themselves to become stronger. However, to use such spells, the summoner must have cards with which they can channel them. Each of these spells requires different amounts of power to make it work, so there are those who seem stronger and those who seem weaker.


We decided to go with the basic attack and defense theme from games like Hearthstone and Shadowverse, but all creatures can enter a defense mode where they may not attack but defend your hero’s life points from all incoming attacks. Furthermore, we have a mana system where you choose from one of five options at the beginning of each turn. Four of which will give you an additional mana crystal to play more powerful creatures and one to draw an additional card. One other thing we wanted to have from our favorite games are field enchantments. These are cards you play that have an effect on the whole board! It may benefit only yourself or your opponent, or maybe even harm both of you. Here are some very WIP gameplay scenes with server running in background!

The last thing I want to mention are fusions. We want to have contact-fusions like in Yu-Gi-Oh where you have two cards out in order to summon a more powerful creature from your fusion-stash! These are only a few things we want to do with our TCG and we will always be on the lookout for more awesome things to include!

The Different Factions


Bunnies are a mass faction buffing each other. Their gameplay mechanic is to flood the board as quickly as possible and keep the control over it all game long.


Dragons are powerful ancient beings that have a high cost but also a come with a high reward. They can trigger effects depending on the number of dragons on board, in the hand or in the deck.


Cultists are smaller and not so powerful cards but they play with your life. For example, a cultist may take 5 life points from the player to get + 2 / + 2 or sacrifice another cultists to become stronger themselves.

The Ancients

The ancients are powerful creatures which aren’t from this world, maybe not even from this universe. Those mighty beings are summoned by a pack of cultists, which will give their lives for those creatures.


Tribeless cards are cards that are not part of a faction, they can be very different from each other. So a tribeless card can be a simple pawn, or a mighty elf magician. We may introduce additional tribes later in the game and may even change some cards, but there will always be a legacy version of a card.

Revealed Cards

Professor Bunnystein Carrot Dealer Baby Bunny